Sylvan N. Wilson

Board of Directors:


Mr. Wilson’s professional life is a combination of active trade union activism and industrial plant operations. In his 28 years of plant operations, he progressed through the ranks from trainee operator to that of Shift Supervisor. His trade union activities extend well over 35 years.

His career began in the Education and Research Committee in the then Federation Chemicals Branch and he moved through the ranks of the Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) to the position of Executive Vice President. He headed the Union’s Labour Relations Department and led many negotiations though-out the various units of the OWTU.

Mr. Wilson represented the Union at numerous Conferences, Seminars and Committees. He attended many training programmes in pension plans, health and safety, employee assistance programmes and industrial relations. Mr. Wilson worked closely with others in developing and negotiating the union’s social wage programme particularly in pensions, employee home ownership programmes (utilizing pension funds), medical plans.

He retired from Yara Trinidad Limited (formerly Hydro Agri and Federation Chemicals) at the end of December 2011. Mr. Wilson was appointed Honorary General Council member of the OWTU and continues to serve the general trade union movement.