Home Mortgage Bank means business when it comes to financing for Commercial Mortgages, Contractors and Real Estate Developers.

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We provide credit facilities for land purchase and real estate development and for commercial, retail and industrial properties.

Whether you’re acquiring new premises, expanding or enhancing your existing facilities or developing a residential community, our corporate and commercial loan facilities are available with a range of terms and repayment schedules to suit you. See our Benefits.

Our benefits
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  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fixed and variable rate loans
  • Flexible payment terms up to 15 years
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Credit Facilities

We offer a range of credit facilities for corporate and commercial real estate business:

Land Loan

To purchase land for commercial purposes

Bridging Loan

To construct a commercial building for the business’ own use

Commercial Mortgage Loan

To purchase commercial property for the business’ own use or to leverage equity on the company’s property

Public/Private Sector Partnership (PPP)

To finance Public Sector Real Estate Development Projects which will generate income to repay the debt

Project Financing

To finance Private Sector Real Estate Development Projects which will generate income to repay the debt

Whether you are a business owner, property developer or contractor – whatever your business, you will need financing for a project at some point. When that time comes, you need a partner who will work with you to make your project a success. Home Mortgage Bank is that partner and we have a financing solution for every project.

In addition, we are ready to serve you in the structuring and provision of credit facilities for land development, high and low-rise condominiums, commercial and industrial properties, and multi-unit residential facilities.

Commercial Loans
Types of Loans

Funding of a broad range of asset classes including, but not limited to:

  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Upgrade or Expansion
  • Corporate Office Construction
  • Residential Developments
  • Industrial/Warehouse/Distribution Premises
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