At Home Mortgage Bank we mean business.

The Home Mortgage Bank is a specialised financial institution which offers financing and investment opportunities to a wide range of clients.

The lending arm of the Bank provides financing to facilitate property development projects and other commercial mortgages.

The Capital Markets arm of the business develops and brings to market a range of investments products geared towards both individuals and institutional investors.

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What We Offer for You

We are in the business of financing commercial properties and other real estate development and offer the following services to companies and individuals.

Commercial Loans
We provide credit facilities for land purchase and real estate development and for commercial, retail and industrial properties.
Mortgage Participation Fund (MPF)
The MPF is a short-term variable rate investment programme that provides investors with high returns, safety and full access to their funds.
Debenture Bonds
These were the first capital market products offered by the bank and represent the bank’s largest source of funding.
CMO Investment Certificate
This highly attractive investment programme offers investors the opportunity to satisfy a range of diversified demands
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